About Safe India Movers & Packers

About Safe India Movers & Packers

One of the largest private sector integrated logistics company in India Safe india Movers & Packers are professional Packers and Movers with a experienced team of staff ready to assist you with your national or international moves. Safe india Movers & Packers is a Moving & Packing Company offering safe, reliable, and professional shipping services.

  • Packing of Goods
  • Loading of Goods
  • Transportation/ Moving of Goods
  • Unloading of Goods
  • UnPacking of Goods


Relocation is not a tedious aspect anymore when it is streamlined and planned by professional packers and movers - Safe India Relocation. Nestled in the heart of country, Delhi, we are the most sought packers and movers service in all over the India.

We very well understand that shifting though a small and miniature word in appearance, it carries with it loads of burden, chaos and series of activities that has to be synchronized in scientific manner. Our assiduous team of prudent and experienced personnel table in out of the box packing methods has reached sky rocketed success and has been rated as the best packers and movers in the town.

So what it took us to reach the Top position? As it is perfectly said that there are no short cuts to success and Safe India Relocation has reached this spot with its hard work, perseverance and foresight. It is the state of art packing methods well crafted by our personnel has made the client ponder that really relocation is a cake walk activity.

ABOUT Safe India Relocation We are the professional packers and movers that engineer innovative packing methods in tandem to the needs and requirements of the clients, goods involved and the destination point. We are the most economical and cheap relocation service providers that provide spectrum of services viz. Household goods shifting, Car carrier Services, Logistics Services, Corporate packing and Moving, International Relocation etc.

We have mastered in long distance relocation and credit for this goes to our experience in this forte and strong network of associates and team spread all over India with the help of whom we make your shifting process be it residential, commercial, vehicle etc hustle free. We also have fleet of light and heavy duty vehicles that offer timely door to door service for all commercial and residential clients.Our team very well understands that quality and trusts walks hand in hand. So we keep quality at core and then weave professionalized packing solutions by adding spice of perfection, innovation, quality norms and robust safety methods. All these aspects act as a torch light transpiring your relocation a complete easy and tension free activity.

Safety follows quality in shifting process. Safety of goods is vital aspect as every client want the goods to reach the destination point safely and in the same condition as it is dispatched. We have thus engineered safety measures and employ robust techniques like high quality packing materials such as wooden and plastic cartons, plastic wrappers, air bubbled sheets etc customized to meet the requirements of the goods.

Our experienced packing experts are ever ready to shoulder your relocation spree and we with our state of art packing methods guarantee easy and safe shifting and that too at the most reasonable rate.

Now relocation is certainly an cake walk activity for you as Safe India Relocation has redefined the entire shifting process and made it easy going, hassle-free and economical.